Become part of a team that does something what nobody has ever done before

LoyaltyLab is the atmosphere from the Silicon Valley series, ambitions supported by skills and a chance for you to make your vision a reality
We are always looking for technical talents
We are looking for a person who:
understands what a job in a startup is and what bonuses it brings
together with us will form the vision of the company and implement it
not afraid to question our actions and ask: "Why the hell we are doing this?"
We are looking for a person who:
has experience working as back-end / ML-developer
on a first name basis with standard back-end / ML-developing tools
understands product metrics or willing to dig into it
That is why LoyaltyLab
We make a product that disrupts the traditional retail market. No more boring and unnecessary promo for customers and programs from the 90s.
We lived without a salary for a year and carried money from side projects to develop ours. This belief led us to a valuation of several million and to tier one clients.
We hope you are ready to make a revolution with us.
We expect the same level of commitment from you.
We are about the team, not about subordinates and superiors. If you know more than us and can prove it, then we will do it your way. We are all equal.
We are young and rushing forward. We need driving people, because, unlike corporations, we have a labor startup, and not a "startup atmosphere".
If you do not want to grow and take the initiative - we are not on the way.
So what, are you in?
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His name is Alexander, and he will happily meet with you for a smoothie